Nats One Step Closer; Reds Eliminated?

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

As the Nats moved one step closer to winning the rights to draft The Chosen One, Bryce Harper, by losing for the seventh straight game, their three closest pursuers kept pace by dropping their games as well. But they each have one fewer game to lose.

The Cincinnati Reds effectively removed themselves from the race by tripping up and winning a game. The Cleveland Indians are close to effective elimination as well, unfortunately winning again to fall 13.5 games back.

Now, the Reds — 15.5 games back — would have to lose 29 of their final 28 games and have the Nats go over .500 by at least a game, or it’s Sayonara Redlegs.

The standings after Friday’s games:

The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes Race
Team       Record               GB           To Reach 60-102
Nats      46-89   .341          –               14-13       .516
KC         51-83    .381          5.5              9-19       .321
Pitts       53-80   .402           8               7-22       .241
O’s         54-81   .403           8                6-21       .222
Cleve     59-75   .440          13.5            1-27       .036
Reds      61-73   .455         15.5             (1)-29    (.036)

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