Nats March On

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

The Nats lost their eighth consecutive game Saturday, to edge closer to The Chosen One. The Royals lost their third straight to stay 5.5 games back. The Pirates are trying the hardest now, having lost nine in a row. They remain eight back, but they waited too long to have much chance of catching the Nats who have operated on a season-long plan that was thrown off track only temporarily by the elevation of Jim Riggleman (now 20-29/ .408 as manager). When Bryce Harper signs with the Nats, let the thanks go to Manny Acta who established an insurmountable lead with a record of 26-61/ .299.

After six straight victories, the Reds are not worth watching anymore. They have a better chance of reaching .500 for the season than they do of passing other wanna be’s and catching the Nats.

The standings after Saturday’s games:
Bryce Harper Sweepstakes Race

Team       Record               GB           To Reach 60-102
Nats      46-90   .338          –               14-12       .538
KC         51-84    .378          5.5              9-18       .333
Pitts       53-81   .396           8               7-21        .250
O’s         55-81   .404           9                5-21       .192
Cleve     59-76   .437          13.5            1-26       .037
Reds      62-73   .459         16.5   (lose 29 of 27)  (.074)

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