Nats Lead by 5 1/2 Games

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

With 19 games remaining, the Nats hold a commanding lead of five and a half games over the Pirates. But with 20 games remaining, Pittsburgh has one more chance to lose a game. If the Nats were to miraculously go 10-9 the rest of the way, the Pirates still could only afford to win five more games to tie. But at their current pace, the Nats would finish 7-12, meaning the Pirates would have to catch fire and reel off 18 losses in their final 20 games to catch up.

After Monday’s games, the standings:

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Team     Record              GB   STRK    To Reach 60-102

Nats      50-93   .350        –       W1       10-9       .526
Pitts      55-87   .387       5.5       L1        5-15       .250
KC         57-86   .399        7        W1       3-16       .158
O’s         58-85   .406       8        L2        2-17       .105


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One response to “Nats Lead by 5 1/2 Games

  1. Ian Brinksman

    Have you seen the Pirates at all recently? It is ENTIRELY possible that my beloved Bucco’s will not win a single game the rest of the season.

    While I am being slightly melodramatic, the Pirates are still mired in a historically bad run of games. I am not just talking bad relative to these past 17 years of futility. I am talking bad compared to our entire 120 odd year history.

    If I were a nationals fan, I absolutely would not feel comfortable at this moment.

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